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Before being presented to you, accessories undergo a final inspection by a quality assurance professional who ensures that your item strictly adheres to our quality, precision and craftsmanship standards. To keep your accessories dreaming and sparkling for years to come, every MMAGPY accessory comes with a half-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. We provide free maintenance services within 6 months after you receive the good, shipping excluded. In the event of gemstone loss, material loss, full breakage, etc., there may be a small production cost. The maintenance cycle is generally within 7-15 working days. For details, please consult MMAGPY customer service or your local dealer.

Exquisite accessories require your careful attention. Natural wear and color changes are properties of some precious metals, not quality issues, but proper attention can slow down or halt oxidation and wear damage.

Keep accessories away from chemicals, perfumes, soaps or make-up. In order to prevent your jewelry from being damaged from brunt force, we do not recommend wearing it during some activities (such as contact sports, gardening, operating heavy equipment, etc).
When cleaning your accessories, lightly wipe them with a soft cloth and keep them in a jewelry bag to keep dry. Silver wipes and other specialty jewelry cleaning and polishing products may be able to restore the sparkle to your jewelry.

*Jewelry needs to be properly cared for based on its material, as different materials require different polishing products or type of care.
*In the event of any care issues with your jewerly, please contact customer service for resolution.

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