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Law is a framework.
Common sense is a framework.
As is prejudice.


Every step civilization makes is accompanied by changes in its frameworks. These frameworks provide structure and stability to society, yet every generation tests these boundaries and rewrites them. And society is all the better because of it.

We’re bored by those full of experience yet have lived little. We are done with hearing stories of success and paths to achievement. Are all gems supposed to glitter? Must light imply warmth? Do classics truly represent the past? And does magnificence always mean exaggeration? When you watch the rat race with insouciance, you see past the charade and ask things of meaning...

MMAGPY strives to explore the concept of accessories from an instinctive perspective, not relying on any mainstream aesthetics or logical biases. By removing the standards of material, value, and function brought by the traditional framework, we explore a fantasy world that is more surreal than the real.

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